Burbank’s Garden Classroom project is made possible by an award from the Foundation for Belmont Education.

We applaud and thank the many individuals and organizations that have contributed to the project’s development and installation:


  • Landscape architect Elizabeth Gourley (of Elizabeth Gourley Design) for the garden design development and plants selection;
  • Finalized design layout, plan drawings, and materials specifications were provided by Michael White of Continuum Landscape Architects, serving as Project Manager;
  • Brendan and Steve Kelly (of Kelly Brothers Landscaping Company) and John Perino of Jason Anthony Corp. for site preparation;
  • Sarah Ard, Peter Kelleher and their students from the Horticulture & Landscape Program of Minuteman Technical High School for their installation work;
  • Martignetti Enterprises, Wagon Wheel Nurseries, Bigelow Nursery, and Mahoney’s for discounted landscape materials;
  • ML Fence Company;
  • Belmont Department of Public Works and Belmont Public Schools Facilities Department for logistical support;
  • Walker Thomas, Burbank alum and Eagle Scout candidate for playing a leading role throughout the project.
  • Boy Scouts of Belmont Troop 66;
  • Burbank PTA Landscape Committee and volunteers for their time coordinating and overseeing the project;
  • Jessie Bennett for web design and maintenance on

As well as Burbank School Principal, Dr. Clifford, the teachers and staff, the Burbank PTA Landscape Committee, and Burbank students and their families.

FBE_ColorLogoRGBContinuum_LOGO White BackroundMinutemanSchoolLOGOLogo Liz Gourley


We thank the following people who donated to our Garden Registry in Spring of 2015 to help fill the garden and provide the PTA with the tools to tend it.

Arnold-Rife Family
Barr-Marion Family
Basso-Stonehouse Family
Bennett-Burt Family
Birge-Hacker Family
Brenhouse Family
Brody Magid Family
Bufano Family
Caldwell-Cottam Family
Carpenter Family
Tricia Clifford
Coelho Family
Cox-Filer Family
Crawford-Palmer Family
Dizikes-Lewis Family
Dong-Xie Family
Farrell-Robbins Family
Findeis-Rezendes Family
Foster Family
Garkavtsev-Makarova Family
Gresseth-Gulbankian Family
Grinnell-Fernandez Family
Anne & Blaine Haacke
Hanley Family
Heldwein Family
Hill Family
Imberman Family
Norm Karsten
Kelman-Laani Family
Kestner-Kurchian Family
Koumpikov Family
Lamb-Stanton Family
Lazenby Family
Loewenstein-Tricca Family
Marthews-Tucker Family
Millen-Zecchi Family
David Ramsey
Samir-Samai Family
Sathiyavanthan-Subedi Family
Shea Family
Schreiner Family
Smyth Family
Lisa Sorenson
Topi-Klaus Family
van Kelsted Family
Sundahl Family
Abraham & Susan Thomas Family
Keith & Faye Thomas
Steffani & Mark Thomas
Launi & Jon Walker
Maret & Peter Walker
Nana & Papa Walker
DeeDee & Gordon Williams
Wong Family
Zhang Family
Zuccarello Family